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Mindfulness is the action of being personally aware of one’s thoughts and feelings, while also realizing how this impacts others and surrounding situations. The idea behind mindfulness is to recognize these things without placing judgment on them. A simple observation is all it takes to be mindful, and this is a crucial part of remaining calm and happy during the pandemic.

Why Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness affects individuals in many different ways given the changes brought on by the pandemic. One way is being more aware of personal health and hygiene. From the way a door is opened to the way surfaces are disinfected, people are naturally much more aware of the importance of sterilization. Being mindful of this can prevent illness.

The practice of mindfulness also matters in relation to social situations. People are more careful about who they choose to be around and what certain exposure risks could mean for those who are not as adept to fight off illnesses. This is a prime example of mindfulness because it puts consequences before actions.

The Shift in Human Interaction

Because of the pandemic, the way people interact with each other is vastly different. The “new normal” is now in place, and people are much more aware of how close they get to one another and how to converse without contaminating. This is all thanks to mindfulness because people realized how important these interactions are and how much they can influence the actual course of the pandemic.

People are now more focused on the way they come across not only in their own social circles, but in the world. These careful actions are what brings normalcy back into the picture because they make all the difference when enough people practice them. Mindfulness is contagious in the best way.

In the last few years, the world has undergone many unexpected changes, but human beings have always been very adaptable. With the help of mindfulness, these changes are easier to accept and allow for a smoother transition into the next chapter of history.