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Ike Ogbo

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Ike Ogbo is an experienced professional working in the public health sector. In the beginning years of his career, Ike worked on various assignments for the Illinois Department of Public Health and the McLean County Health Department.

In 2008, Ike Ogbo began his career with the City of Evanston, a community he has faithfully served ever since. Upon first beginning his career here, Ike served as a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner. He conducted routine and compliance inspections in accordance with codes for food establishments, daycares, and more. Ike also acted as the Department’s Liaison in reviewing and planning city-wide events. Other duties included reviewing plans and blueprints, developing rules and policies, and more. 

After serving in this role for a number of years, Ike was promoted to being the Public Health Manager. Under this position, he conducted many of his prior tasks while also taking on additional responsibilities. Ike Ogbo took on the additional responsibilities of making policies and plans for health programs, supervising and coaching the staff, recruiting, addressing public health complaints, and more. 

In March 2019, Ike took on the role of Interim Director of the Health and Human Services Department in Evanston. Shortly after, in October 2019, he became the full-time Director of the department. In this present role, Ike manages over 40 employees and promotes community public health and social services by providing evidence-based practices and services. He ensures the department’s compliance with all regulations, advocates on behalf of vulnerable communities, serves as a Liason for the department, educates individuals on social service issues and public health issues, and much more.

This position has allowed Ike Ogbo to serve his community in a variety of ways. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking drastic effects on the lives of numerous individuals, Ike has made it a new goal of his to help his community bounce back. Throughout the pandemic, he has taken careful health measures to help his community. Now seeing the results that social isolation and the pandemic, in general, has had, especially on the youth, Ike recently proposed a new program titled “My City, Your City, Our City.” This program is meant to provide summer activities for youth who are suffering post-pandemic. Ike looks to improve mental health and community involvement in these individuals.

Prior to becoming involved in this career, Ike received both his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and his Master of Public Health from the University of Illinois. He is a member of numerous health councils and associations.

In addition to his passionate career, Ike Ogbo is also an avid soccer fan, specifically supporting the Chelsea Football Club. He also takes this passion to the field, as he plays in the local amateur league. Other hobbies of his include traveling, sewing, photography, and visiting museums.

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